Little Blessings Preschool

We are a Christian preschool located within First Southern Baptist Church.  The church address is 2701 West 8th Street, Coffeyville, KS 67337.  You can reach us at the church office @ 620-251-6980.

We offer two classes: 3-day MWF, and 2-day TTH, both 8-11am.

Our director is Valerie Gysel and our Lead Teacher is Mona Gayle Voss.

Both ladies love the Lord and will love your children! Being a preschool teacher requires them to create an environment of growth and love and that's just what they do! They have patience, creativity, enthusiasm, and love for your children.  Being a preschool teacher comes with a great deal of responsibility and it is not taken lightly.  They will help shape the minds and atitudes of the children and help influence their future.  What an awesome feeling!!!

Being a Christian preschool, we do begin and end our mornings in prayer.  Kids will hear age appropriate Bible stories and learn all the fun songs that go along with them.  We teach the Pledge of Allegiance, Pledge to the Christian Flag, and Pledge to the Bible.

We PLAY, we SING, we DANCE, we CREATE --- and of course, we LEARN!

We trust that you and your child will be blessed by having them in our preschool program.

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